Data privacy consent

=I hereby authorize and give my consent to IT Heroes ApS (“ITH”, the “data controller”) to collect and process my personal data in accordance to the terms specified in ITH’s Privacy Policy.


I agree that I have read and understood ITH’s Privacy Policy, including ITH’s practices and responsibilities regarding the collection, use, storage, retention, erasure, and general handling of my personal data.


I agree that ITH may collect and process the following types of data that I submit through any of this website’s forms:


  • Name
  • Email address
  • Mobile or landline number
  • IP address
  • The page(s) I have visited within this website
  • How I accessed this website (i.e., through Google, Facebook, or other third-party sites)
  • Time of my submission, including the time zone
  • My inquiry or message, which may contain personal data depending on the content
  • If applying for a job,
    • My resume, CV, or work portfolio, and any personal data contained within these documents
    • Name of the ITH employee who may have referred me


I agree that my personal data shall be processed by ITH Software for one or more of the following purposes:


  • To contact me efficiently and process my inquiry, request, or job application within a quick timeframe;
  • To verify the intention of my inquiry, assess my concern, and assign the appropriate ITH personnel to respond to my needs;
  • To gauge the type of content, service, or employment offerings I am most interested in, and record my preferences and personal information to be used by ITH in its marketing and sales approaches;
  • To gather collective data on site traffic and site interactions in order to improve site experiences and tools in the future;
  • To verify my personal, work, and education credentials and assess if I have the qualifications required at specific job openings at ITH; and
  • For legal cases where ITH is a party.


I understand that the exact types of data being collected from me, as well as the purposes for processing such data, depend on the action I take within this website (e.g., submitting a contact form or subscribing to ITH’s newsletter) and are elaborated and specified in the Privacy Policy.


I allow ITH to send me emails that further explain ITH’s services. I understand that at any time, I can opt out or unsubscribe to these emails through the link provided for me at the emails that ITH sent me.


I agree that my personal data may be disclosed by ITH to trusted third-parties, including:


  • Government offices that require data on ITH’s website visitors for laws, ordinances, or legal cases where ITH is involved;
  • A legally-authorized person or organization who has received my consent in writing for my best interests and personal connections; and
  • Suppliers that ITH engages with for certain purposes as necessary for ITH to provide its services to me and other customers.


I understand that ITH would employ the best reasonable means to protect my data from any unlawful or accidental procuring, tampering or misuse, and that the ITH personnel authorized to handle my personal data are under contractual obligation to keep my data in strict confidentiality.


I agree that ITH has the right to impose the necessary guidelines regarding the access, modification, removal, etc. of my data in order to protect the database and for the security of all data. I also agree that ITH has the right to amend or revise such guidelines at any time, and that ITH shall inform me of any significant changes that affect me and my personal data through the email address I have provided.


I understand that ITH keeps a record of the exact version of its legal terms (i.e., Privacy policy, Data privacy consent, Cookie policy, list of suppliers, and terms and conditions) that I have agreed to at the time of my submission of my information, and that I can at any time consult these terms.


I also understand that ITH recognizes my rights as a data subject as granted under the EU General Data Protection Regulation, and other applicable data privacy laws, and that ITH provides me options and resources to utilize such rights, such as having the option to view, export, and delete the personal data that ITH has gathered about me through my use of this website.


I understand that I can withdraw my consent, revoke my permission, or object to how ITH uses or processes my personal data by sending an email to


I understand that ITH reserves the right to deny my request subject to certain conditions, and that I can object to ITH’s response by filing a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency.


This consent and authorization remains valid and subsisting for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes of processing my personal data as declared in the Privacy Policy or until I revoke or cancel my permission in writing.


Data controller information:

IT Heroes (E-opinion ApS)
Søren Frichs Vej 40A
8230 Åbyhøj, Denmark

Phone: (+45) 22 14 54 56


Last updated May 25, 2018